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Tech Gift Ideas – HAVIT Electronics Gift Guide

Sending a gift to someone shows your love and respect, and it is a nice thing to do whether it is holiday or not. Among all the gifts you could have sent, tech gifts or electronics presents might be a great choice for people who loves gadgets. Generally tech gifts are mostly for men, but if the gift is practical enough, it will work for both men and women. To help you find a cool gift for the one you love, we have made this electronics gift guide.

Depending on what your recipient’s interest is, you can choose from the follow:

Music Fans
Hardcore Gamers
Casual Gamers
Laptop Users

Music Fans

If your recipient really care about the music they hear, then consider sending them something that provide better music. The truth is, people don’t need a pair of golden ears to be a music fans, whether they are a member or a fan of a music band, someone who party all the time, or just a person who like listening music, the natural respond to rhythm and beats is within everyone’s gene. You may not like your recipient’s music, but you can always show respect of their choices by gifting them a nice music gear.

Our new released G1 True Wireless Earbuds is a high-end earbuds specially designed for sports enthusiasts, and it would be a decent gift for people who wish to enjoy truly wireless music while exercising or working out. For people who like playing music out loud and share it with others, they would appreciate a Bluetooth speaker. Depending on how loud and portable they would like the speakers to be, you can choose from the E5 and M22. Or if the recipients have their own stereos, try giving them HV-BT018 or HV-BT022  to make the stereos wireless. Never the less, M28 Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock has build-in Mic and FM radio which can embrace you everymorning

Hardcore Gamers

If your recipient is a hardcore gamer, it means he/she may take gaming very seriously. They are mostly professional / semi-professional gamers who are in an eSports team, or Twitch streamers who share their gameplay with people on the internet. They compete with others in games like CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2 etc, they are very good at what they play, and take victory very seriously. While it may not be noticeable to others, a microsecond of lag or a slight inaccuracy will affect hardcore gamers’ game result, therefore they need the top notch gaming devices.

By default hardcore gamers will turn to big gaming brands when they need gaming devices, but the truth is, HAVIT gaming products can be as good or even better. In 2017, we are the first company in the market that released low profile mechanical keyboard that features Kailh PG1350 low profile switch – the HV-KB395L and HV-KB390L will be decent gifts for any hardcore gamers. The HV-KB378L remains popular choices of mechanical keyboards on Amazon. The advanced chipset in the HV-MS735 provide programming functionality and high-precision optical sensors. And if your recipient need a mouse pad, checkout HV-MP830, HV-MP835, and HV-MP855.

Casual Gamers

Maybe your recipient is a student who’s busy with homework; maybe he/she is a company staff who works 9 to 5; or maybe he/she is a leader of a team that strives to build something better – the chances are, they may have one thing in common – their love for gaming. Gaming has provided much unique joy that people who don’t game have not experience before, and can never be given up. Though bound by daily works and studies, they will still game occasionally, which is why they will need reliable input devices that allow you work and game smoothly.

Functional gaming mice and membrane gaming keyboards are ideal for casual gamers who are busy with work and study and not able to invest a lot of time and money on gaming. Though lack of features like programming and weight tuning, the HV-MS672, HV-MS745 and HV-MS794 provides great ergonomics and built quality, allowing you to work or game with ease. If you like the freedom of wireless, the wireless gaming mice HV-MS976GT and HV-MS978GT are your ideal choices. Though they are not mechanical, the HV-KB380L keyboards provides great tactility that are even as good as mechanical keyboards, and also special features of their own. Want to get both gaming mouse and gaming keyboard at the same time? HV-KB558CM and X11 gaming keyboard and mouse combo will be your best choices.

Laptop Users

Nowadays everyone uses laptop, as they are so powerful and convenient. The technology of laptops has been evolving, so does their accessories. While it might be too expensive to gift your recipient a new laptop, it is more realistic and thoughtful to gift a laptop accessory to compliment the recipient’s laptop.

Laptop users love HAVIT, because we are constantly releasing gadgets with latest technology. Besides our long time top sellers HV-F2056 and HV-F2063A laptop cooling pads that can cool down overheated laptops, we also followed latest USB Type-C trend, and released HV-TPC68, HV-TPC78 or T91 USB C Hub to allow laptop users make use of their USB C ports. Have a New MacBook Pro 2016/2017? Then T90 Thunderbolt 3 Hub is your must-have accessory, because it provides extra Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, USB-A 3.0, SD & Micro SD ports, and allows you to transfer data at a speed upt to 40Gb/s. Finally, we have released two new wireless mice for laptop users: HV-MS55GT ergonomic wireless vertical mouse release your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and HV-MS56GT long range wireless mouse provides great portability and long operation range.

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